Pregnancy Weight Gain

I’m officially 13 weeks today, and here’s the best part….I haven’t gained a single pound! I might have even lost a pound or two. I’m very happy about this, because in my first pregnancy I had already gained about 10lbs by this point and ended up gaining a whopping total 45lbs. I’m hoping to be nowhere near that this time, seeing as I still am holding onto 10lbs from the last pregnancy.

Here’s where I think the weight gain difference between each pregnancy is coming from.

1) I’m nursing. This time I’m not only pregnant but I’m also nursing my 11 month old, we’ll call her Tiniest. I figure that has to help my metabolism!

2) I’m less freaked out about eating enough for the growing baby inside of me, we’ll call him/her Littlest. Last pregnancy I was so worried about eating enough that the baby would grow. This time around I’ve realized that 300 extra calories a day in the second trimester is a glass of milk and some cheese. Not a whole extra meal followed up with ice cream. I’m basically just eating when I’m hungry and eating healthy foods.

3) I eat only what I would also give Tiniest. Basically, if it’s not nutritious enough for her, than it’s not good enough for me. So this rules out fast food, a bunch of desserts, and pretty much anything that’s not whole foods, or snacks like yogurt.

4) No cravings. I pretty much didn’t have any cravings this time around. I frequently want fruit and cucumber but that’s kind of normal for me. Last time I had tons of cravings, from ice cream to chicken wings to nachos. Ok, so nachos do sounds good right about now. 😉 Seriously though, last time I had my husband doing late night runs for ice cream and this time around there has been none of that. While it’s great for the weight gain factor, the cravings were pretty fun.

5) Way less sleep. Last pregnancy I was able to nap and rest whenever I wanted to. This time I’m entertaining Tiniest, taking her for walks, and seeing as she only naps on me, my naps are seriously limited.

So, it looks like there are five main differences between this pregnancy and my other one. I’m sure the weight will start to come on soon, but here’s hoping for gradual gains rather than a whole bunch every week!


Mother’s Day

imageToday is my first Mother’s Day. It seems surreal because part of me feels like it was only yesterday that I became a mom (my baby is 11 months old) and another part of me feels like my baby has always been in my life. It’s as if I can’t remember what it was like before she got here. Well, I do remember being able to go to movies and staying up past 8pm. I guess what I’m saying is that it’s hard to remember life without her and the love I have for her. I feel so special today. In part because of the nice things my husband said to me and the little bouquet he created for me. But also because I get to be the mom of a beautiful, happy and funny baby girl who makes me smile every day.

Not only am I a mamma this Mother’s Day, but I’m also a mamma-to-be. We’re expecting again! We will be looking forward to 2 under 2. Yikes!

To all the mothers out there, especially my own, I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day. You deserve it! Being a mother is a lot of work, but as we all know, it’s infinitely rewarding. But, it’s always nice to hear how great you are outloud, isn’t it?! 😃